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“Sarah Rha is another female artist whose emotions hit hard and steady to the beat of her guitar. She is serious about her music, but insists not to take her as too serious about herself. As seen on her YouTube videos, her songs speak of relationships that make deep impressions on her heart, yet she always manages to bring about her playful self into these presentations.

Viewers got their introduction to Sarah Rha through another famous YouTuber, David Choi. With his song “That Girl,” Sarah created her own rendition titled, “That Guy.” Receiving over a hundred thousand views, Sarah Rha’s popularity jumpstarted to a higher degree. Beginning with covers, Sarah’s own version of hit songs gave listeners an idea of how much better some songs could sound even when done in one’s own bathroom with just a voice and a guitar.” -Veronica Han of KAC Media 


Sarah Rha is a Worship Pastor from California and a songwriter that draws inspiration anywhere from life experiences to the very own relationship she has with Christ. Sarah was casted for the show “Showtime at the Apollo” at the young age of 11 and has opened for renown Christian band Starfield and Andy Grammer.

Sarah has been leading worship since she was fourteen years old, having grown up in church in Silver Spring, Maryland. Sarah’s musical creativity stems from her life experiences and time in youth group at church.

Sarah is motivated by a desire to see people worship God with a pure heart and child-like faith. After serving for two years as a worship pastor at Higher Connection Church, Sarah transitioned to serving in a Korean-speaking church in Torrance, California, serving alongside her husband at Torrance Calvary Evangelical Community Church.

Currently, Sarah is working on her EP album in the studio! Check out the Kickstarter project that details the vision of the album.