Happy Birthday to Me

happy birthday

Thanks, Google.


When I was younger, it was about quantity but now as I’m older I realize it’s all about quality. I feel grateful this year to the people in my life who went the extra mile to say “Happy Birthday” with a gift, a card, an email, a text,and a phone call.

It’s my wish and hope that I can always remember the birthday’s of my friends and loved ones so that they know they’re appreciated and loved, just as they have done for me today.


This year I: 

-Have been with my non-profit for over 2 years and received an awesome bonus. (woot)
-Expanded my digital portfolio and editing skills
-Connected with JAMA GLDI and started serving on a deeper level
-Had the courage to start posting videos on Youtube again
-Broke free of the anxiety to be on social media 24/7 and the fear of FOMO (Fear.of.missing.out)
-Reconnected with one of the most important people in my life who I had a falling out with. The rebuilding of our friendship is slow but steady.

This year, Danny and I;

-Were intentional with meeting people to expand our experiences and world view
– Strengthened relationships within our families and among friends
-Grew closer than ever before with a lot of communication and understanding
-Learned about faithfulness in Christ and how to be faithful to what God has given us even in difficult situations

My prayer for this year:

To always, always, always have the fear of the Lord and follow His every desire for my life. Amen. (And Danny’s too!)


Here’s to year 28.

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