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This page highlights women who are beautiful and strong on the outside and in.

      Ashley Burgess

im not who society wants me to be




















I was cruising through Facebook the other day and saw this picture of my friend Ashley, displaying her amazing physical strength. I played JV basketball with Ashley when I was in high school my freshmen year; let me rephrase that —I warmed the bench and watched from the sidelines while Ashley hooped kids all day my freshmen year!

I always admired her approach to not only basketball but fitness as a whole; it was like she owned it and made it her craft. She always inspires me to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle with her videos that show her pushing her physical limits and always trying to new things.

“My amazing friend Sarah sent this to me! I absolutely love it . Two days ago was the first time I had ever attempted to do the flag. I never thought I was strong enough to do it. I watched a YouTube video for two minutes and gave it a shot! To my surprise I actually nailed it. Never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. You’ll find that you are actually able to accomplish things that you never thought were possible!” -Ashley IG: ashleybanks8